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Halloween Party

halloween party
What is the best time to have a Halloween party?

My husband and I are thinking about throwing a Halloween party. Halloween falls on Saturday this year, so we would like to have the party on Halloween. We were wondering what time we should have the party? It will be primarily an adult party. We thought we should start it later (8:30-midnight maybe?) since trick-or-treaters will be out but we weren’t sure. What does everyone think?

So, a lot of people are going to be having parties on that night, so you might not get the crowd you want, and to have the people who have children able to come you could have it friday night or the week before. I’ve done that and had excellent turnout then I get to go out on halloween. 8-8:30 is a good time b/c the sun is down and all that halloweeny stuff can come out, but if you want to really avoid trick or treaters have it a different night. Don’t forget about older kids who want to vandalize on that night too, and all the cars parked outside your house…
I’ve always had an alcoholic punch with gummy worms, given goody bags with candy and adult things that are fun, play games after everyone has had their fair share to drink and watch them make goofs of themselves is fun too. Then of course lots of music and alcohol, definately jello shooters, maybe orange and grape with some whipped cream. Hope that helps

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Halloween Lighting

halloween lighting
Does anybody know where I can find Halloween decorations for a roof?

Not Halloween lights though. I mean actual figures of people ex: Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers. Even ghouls or goblins for the roof would be fine.

Martha Stewart had a cat for the roof that she made. Surely there is a how to on her web site. Maybe that would help you how to figure out how to put Freddie up there.
Personally, for my house, I would tie decorations to the chimney. Or attatch something to or across the guttering. Be careful, it could fall down, or blow down, and take something of value with it, or take somebody out. Or fall on electric lines and burn something down.
Can you spell liability suit?
I saw Xmas decorations of Santa and the elves suspended from the guttering, and Santa’s sleigh crossing over it. A witch flying across it would work.

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Halloween Props Clearance

halloween props clearance

Halloween Prop Eyeball Tree


Halloween Costume Ideas

halloween costume ideas
Review: “Scream 4″ Top:) is caught again in “Scream 4″. Poor (Neve Campbell Sidney
Halloween Costume Ideas


Discount Halloween Decorations

discount halloween decorations
homework problem to solve! please help! Thnks!?

1.) The board of school dance had a budget of $ 200 for the Halloween dance, decided to spend 25% of the budget for decorating. How much can I spend on decorating? 2.) A writer wins 8% of total sales dollars in royalties. If two thousand copies of his book were sold for $ 14.95 each, how much money is it? 3.) Karla paid $ 129 plus tax from 6% of sales of a guitar. What is the cost? 4.) All pieces are unique to the store for sale. The discount is 33 and 1 / 3 [01.03]% of normal. About how much would be saved in a jacket with a normal price of $ 59.50? PLEASE HELP ME to tell me the answer just showed me how to do Thnks!

1) 50 …………….. $ 200 *. 25 2) 2392 $ ……… .08 (2000 * 14.95 $) 3) 136.74 ……… 129 $ * 1.06 = 4) 19.8333 …….. [33.3% third =] 59.50 / 3 =

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