Halloween Window Decorations

halloween window decorations
Halloween is coming and I need the night of the facts wrong?

im 13 is not even a good runner, and quite afraid of being discovered. what could happen to me if I did? a concert in a small town in Ohio and there are about 5 policemen (actually a lot where I live) every night screening for adolescents and drunk and the cops will almost double in Halloween. These are the jokes have been made:-A TPing-invention (homes without a car) razor meters grazing bifurcation switching Halloween decorations, pumpkins stacked in the mailboxes of the road junction. trash cans, etc-windows vasoline flour, honey, PP, syrup dorknobs / carhandles other ideas read | v PLEASE do not | tell me how it is and you should not do it because its almost a tradition in this city and not stop.

haha if you live a dog around UOU has an image, can some of its droping and put it in a paper bag and stood up in front of the house somone (you can even start the fire if u wana), you can chalk Wight on the road or driveways. (U may wana Thow appropriet semi cousin if u caught then its much better) I dont really know sorry lol u covered anyothers all good luck and if u have Rember She did! "Haha

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