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Halloween Animated Prop

halloween animated prop
Halloween poll! Scary props, what did you think about……10POINTS FOR MOST DETAILED?

My name is Ricardo and I have recently started making animated props. Some of the people who saw my props liked many things some even took pictures I want to know what people want in these props and illusions.

Chose which is most important to you in a halloween prop?

If you like something else in a prop please mention it bellow the most detailed and help full question will be given the points

IF a Halloween prop is like a haunted house, then I like appearance, but I’ve never heard of a prop. As long as it looks scary, it would freak me out. If you put the exorcist girl anywhere I would run for my life, or maybe show them that freaking scary car commercial, I wouldn’t screw with you.

Bolt Halloween Animated Prop Disturbing


Animated Halloween Props

animated halloween props
How I can use to encourage pneumatic accessories for Halloween?

I am looking for information about using animation tires of my accessories for Halloween …. Any ideas?

I do not know how much you want to animate, but I do not understanding the amount of work, knowledge and money may be needed to perform even a simple task.

Scariest Animated Halloween Props Ever!! – Part 1 by