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Halloween Lighting

halloween lighting
Does anybody know where I can find Halloween decorations for a roof?

Not Halloween lights though. I mean actual figures of people ex: Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers. Even ghouls or goblins for the roof would be fine.

Martha Stewart had a cat for the roof that she made. Surely there is a how to on her web site. Maybe that would help you how to figure out how to put Freddie up there.
Personally, for my house, I would tie decorations to the chimney. Or attatch something to or across the guttering. Be careful, it could fall down, or blow down, and take something of value with it, or take somebody out. Or fall on electric lines and burn something down.
Can you spell liability suit?
I saw Xmas decorations of Santa and the elves suspended from the guttering, and Santa’s sleigh crossing over it. A witch flying across it would work.

Halloween Lights Dance Time Warp Rocky Horror Picture Show


Homemade Halloween Props

homemade halloween props
I am a Halloween party.?

This is a topic, a haunted house and I'm on a tight budget, but I want to be a frightening environment. Does Any idea what I can do. A good place to shop and house to support the ideas. Thanks! Also, if you can give suggestions on how to implement it, would be great! Thanks!

In my house we have a bunch of black garbage bags to open them and stick them on the walls. Get some fake spider and adhere to entire roof. Also get white sheets and covered with fake blood, and to tear a little and hang in the lobby of the ceiling so that all your guests to walk through them.

Homemade Halloween Costumes and Props