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Halloween Costumes

halloween costumes
Every good Halloween costume for a student who wants an eighth look cute but not slutty?

I have to preform a concert dressed Halloween want to look good, no wonder. pleasse anything stupid (ex banana costumes No John McCain, etcetc) Ive red hair, so I'm Raggedy Ann costume ideas, but I just want a snack, help links. I really appreciate thanks

Clara Bow (1920 Seductive famous) Lucille Ball (of I Love Lucy) Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) Queen Elizabeth I, Lily Potter, Jean Grey (X-Men) Erin Esurance (E-insurance advertising) Princess Fiona (Shrek), Daphne (Scooby Doo) Ginger (Gilligan's Island) Wilma Flintstone Jetson Jane Parker, Mary Jane (Spiderman) Restaurants Wendy Wendy Lizzie Borden (the famous Axe Murderer), Rose McGowan (Charmed of Fame) of Kim Possible Blossom (Power Puff Girls) Strawberry Shortcake or mermaid Ariel (: I hope that this permission

Halloween Costume Tribute