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halloween decorations props
Where to buy or how to make an up / down motor support for Halloween?

Halloween is just around and want to make a simple accessory rising and falling slowly (maybe 5-10 pounds, maybe less). Is there an inexpensive way to accomplish this? There are many other implementation of the cheapest available: … Instead of spinning, I would just go up and down, preferably by several feet. Someone suggested I buy a toy he already has the mechanism and pulls it out and mounted with my new decor, but I can not find this: … I do not think it strong enough for the weight, but is an example of what I'm doing. I think that there are "fall" of Halloween accessories, such as spiders and bats also use batteries, but do not need something moves, etc. Anything with an engine that can connect the better. Thanks.

If you have an engine that runs very slow barbecue skewers, instead of having a fight, (the bar snacks to go), put a large wooden disc in the tree, like maybe 12 "diameter. Drill a 1 / 4" hole 1 / 2 "of outer edge and glue in a short 1 / 4 "dowel. As the engine turns slowly Nog revolves around a large circle. Having an engine on the ground, another pin in the top of the frame, make a loose loop in a solid chain, as in the ankle on the disk, run the chain on the upper pin and set yourself projects for the network. As the motor turns the rope at the ankle, makes the project from top to bottom. With a little ingenuity, you can make plans to move up and down, side to other and diagonally. To increase the use of travel of a larger disk. Good luck and scare children bergeebers

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