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Halloween Party Decorations

halloween party decorations
Anyone who has organized a Halloween party before, what do I need to decorate?

I need a list of everything you need to decorate. I mean things like the coverage from the wall and the like. I know what I do for games, food, etc. I just need decorations. Thanks!

What decorations that are used depends on the type of person you shoot. However, Here are some basic principles: Candles are always a good bet, and you want to keep low light. Use a fog machine or dry ice: you can place a bowl of punch in a bowl slightly larger than a dry ice for an interesting effect – only add the hot water in the ice. Draping dark matter in the walls is the ideal place for almost everything. If you want a specific environment, you can also buy Tapestries 'incubator stage "these pumpkins. They are very versatile because they can be used not only for the Jack-o-lanterns, but also serving glasses or bowls and squash mini-make great candle holders. cotton cobwebs wool jersey, replace the curtains with regular cheese ghosts connect broken left stick to windows mirrors antique tables covered with black cloth and attaching false material fall Replace light bulbs with black lights or orange lights, strips of colored paper shapes, or appointments with a theme in black and white gourds use.

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