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Halloween Party Supplies

halloween party supplies
Actions and ideas for good family Halloween?!?

is my first time hosting a Halloween party, and the steps I need and ideas for fun and good. As decorations, costumes, games, etc. Please help me! DSI Party Nov. 1. Links to party goods, Halloween stores, or any place where you can buy relief supplies. What kind of music and the games we have? And the food! My cousins ​​eat as much (not fat, that just over 20 cousins ​​on one side and the other is coming too?) So we have lots of food, and my house is small, so take him outside, and in the basement (lower basement charmed, ages 8 and up), so I need lots of help!

Well for me, I'm having a Halloween party family as well. I have a friend who had a party for adults and has already burned his music. I can get copies of your music (you can ask a family member who comes to me some CDs). I can bake cakes with plastic spiders on them, crispy rice is GM of Halloween color on top, lots of candy, lots of small Halloween toys (Plastic eyeballs, spiders, wax lips.) You can make sugar cookies with Halloween cookies and have created a space where children can decorate their own cookies. A haunted house in the basement seems that much work. Just get cheap decorations and put them in the house. I'm sure you can find beautiful things everywhere. Start with the dollar store. You have a lot of people make the food, so saving money for that. Someone gave me the idea that not everyone at $ 1 and give this money the prize for best costume. Can be divided into categories or adult costume and best children's costume.

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